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Cyber-Anatomy has developed a number of software packages for the learning and exploration of natural anatomy and biological structures. These easy-to-use tools contain detailed anatomical models of various plants and animals, and the delicate architecture of various chemical and biological structures. Integrating Cyber-Anatomy's trademarked novel interface and and truly lifelike visuals, the result is a compelling package for dissecting plants or animals (or manipulating entire cell structures) while providing the advanced visualization and real-time interactive techniques.

Cyber-Science 3D software includes topics such as:




Human anatomy 

...and more on the way 

Our Cyber-Science 3D software products are used by teachers and students at various levels to learn anatomy.  A user can fully interact with each model to follow nerve paths, examine discrete internal structures, peel muscles, and look at the heart and circulatory system. High school students in biology classes can better understand the various systems of plants, animals and other structures in
a fascinating 3-dimensional manner.

Not only does Cyber-Science 3D software provide these remarkable features, it also allows a student or teacher complete interaction and control of what is being studied. Comprehension and retention are elevated when the student can visualize and manipulate physical and chemical structures in this manner.

By using Cyber-Anatomy's patented visualization methods, students are able not only to view structures, but the interconnection of structures in a system - a fully comprehensive solution.

Who can use it?
All Cyber-Science 3D
software was designed to meet
the needs of professionals and
students everywhere. Specifically,
it is targeted towards:


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