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Cyber-Anatomy professional engineers, 3D modelers, and medical professionals are available to assist in creating custom services for your project.
The systems comprise advanced computational methods, graphics, and 3D imaging reconstruction to present the audience with holographic representation of the detailed anatomy. We create the most advanced visualization systems.

The following are just a few of the countless applications:

  Simulations for Pharmaceuticals

Animations and simulations of how certain pharmaceuticals drugs work can be readily created and visualized using Cyber-Anatomy’s advanced 3D anatomy models.  Complex mechanisms of drug metabolism and drug delivery systems are illustrated through 3D simulations.

  Surgical Simulation

Surgical simulations for specific procedures, for new procedures, for new concepts and best characterized using 3D interactive tools and corresponding anatomical models. Clinical skills can be effectively acquired.

The creation of surgical simulations with instructive content to provide students and trainees with the adequate visual, cognitive, and tactical feedback (possibly using haptics) are all possible.  Immersive, virtual reality, and haptic devices can be integrated to create the appropriate product for your need.  

  Science Simulation

Cyber-Anatomy is in the process of developing a large library of 3D simulations in biology, physics, chemistry, and other science related fields.  Cyber-Anatomy specializes in creating a 3D interactive simulations ranging from the anatomy of specific biological life to difficult science phenomena!
  Scientific Visualzation

The same technology developed for interacting with 3D accurate models of human anatomy can be used to create simulation for exploring a variety of data formats, whether from imaging modalities, scientific experiments, or computer simulations. Cyber-Anatomy methods allow a user to explore and better understand through visualization and interactivity.


Who can use it?
Cyber-Anatomy Corporation can help you develop the
specific visualization and experimentation
system that best suits your needs.

Specifically, it is targeted towards:


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